I Made an Artificial Intelligence Application

I Made an Artificial Intelligence Application

I’ve joined the long line of developers who have released their own artificial intelligence-powered applications. I have been using AI in some of the internal tools that I use to run my business since last year. So building something for the public was the next logical step.

In order to not get too caught up in this, while still juggling client work, I stuck close to what I know and built something for sites using WooCommerce. It’s called ProductWriter.ai and it went live earlier this month.

The seed for any product idea I have usually comes from something I encounter when working with clients. The idea for ProductWriter.ai was no different.

Many of my clients run e-commerce sites, usually on WooCommerce or Shopify, and the people responsible are incredibly busy. Typically, the business has an online store and a physical location and the staff in charge of both is the same. These staff members aren’t marketers or copywriters and it’s not uncommon for their online stores to be littered with short and ineffective product descriptions.

I figured artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, could lend a hand. The results from ChatGPT can be very poor if you don’t give it much to work with. Fortunately, e-commerce sites often have a lot of structured product data available in their content management systems.

ProductWriter.ai takes all of that structured data, combines it with some simple input from the site’s manager, and generates high-quality product descriptions in mere seconds. It’s pretty amazing that something most of my clients struggle with can become so easy with just a few clicks.

For the initial launch, ProductWriter.ai only works for writing WooCommerce product descriptions. I’ll work on supporting other platforms like Shopify if the reaction is strong. I also have some half-baked plans on how I can use what I’ve built so far to generate long-form blog posts but that is further down the line as well.

Now that the product is up and running the hard part begins: marketing. I’ve submitted ProductWriter.ai to a lot of directory and tool databases focusing on artificial intelligence. And I’ve paid for some sponsorships on a few sites. We’ll see how that works over time.

You can try ProductWriter.ai right now for free. Sign up for a key with 20 credits at no cost and see if it’s right for your e-commerce site. I’ve also set up a mailing list for anyone interested in Shopify product descriptions. You’ll be notified when that feature is ready by submitting your contact information.